Project Participants

The support of the 18 Higher Education Providers and their heads of schools/departments and the 37 peer reviewers has been critical to the success of the project. The financial support for the peer reviewers to attend the workshops is important to the ongoing success of the calibration workshops. The active engagement in the project by all peer reviewers, who devoted significant time and energy and openly shared their views about the assessment tasks, student’s work and about the calibration process, is a major contributing factor to the project’s success.

Participating institutions:

External evaluator:

The support and steering of the external evaluator has been critical to this project. Facilitated sessions were consistently held with an external evaluator to reflect on and articulate the intended project logic as overarching formative evaluation as well as a reference and prompt for reflection on strategy, methods, issues and progress. These sessions have:

The project evaluator attended several calibration workshops as well as project team meetings to gauge the progress of the project and provide ongoing feedback.

AFAANZ has also been an important party in the project. The immediate past  Australian president of the  AFAANZ Executive was on the project team and an immediate past Australian President was on the project reference group. It is through AFAANZ that universities were invited to participate in the project. AFAANZ has supported the project by allocating a panel session during the annual conference where the project leader was invited to be one of three speakers. AFAANZ has also expressed agreement in principle to the idea of responsibility for maintaining a register of calibrated reviewers.