External Assurance

Data Collection and Submission

The External Assurance process in Achievement Matters involved participating providers nominating two peer reviewers and implementing processes to identify and collect the relevant inputs and outputs. Five pieces of student sample work for each learning outcome under review from each HEP was randomly selected, de‐identified and uploaded to the website.  Related assessment requirements and supporting documentation were also submitted.

Institutions were required to provide the following documentation for the live review data collection process:

1. Unit outline (Attachment 1) that includes information on learning outcomes and degree program

2. Assessment task (Attachment 2). Include additional learning guide or handouts about the assessment task specifications/requirements to evidence learning outcomes i.e. assessment criteria or other guidelines assisting students to complete the task. Please provide a sample answer to the assessment task

Note: If exam, please specify question that is assessing the learning standard

3. Relevant assessment support resources (Attachment 3)

4. Five pieces of student sample work randomly selected for each learning outcome under review (Attachment 4 A, B, C, D, E). From the first 100, select 6th, 28th, 38th, 77th, 95th. If less than 100, use the same distribution.

5. Additional grading information (Attachment 5). Information provided to markers but not to students.

Data de-identification process

When providing data for the live review process, you will need to ensure that there are no institutional, unit, department or personal identifiers or markings. This applies irrespective of whether the information is an input or an output, authored by a student, academic or administrator.

All data needs to have the following information removed:
o Institution – logos, websites, venues, location etc.
o Unit names and codes
o Comments, grades or marks made by markers
o Contact details of staff

Student work should be provided without grades or comments.

Submission of documents

All documents should be uploaded through the submission form available here.